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Vapur water bottle

Review: Vapur Water Bottle

In the past year we’ve made some changes as to how we keep hydrated during our hikes, road trips and travels. While we used to pick up a bottle or two of water from a convenience store, and more recently used a refillable hard plastic bottle, we’ve made the change to the Vapur water bottle, aka the anti-bottle, and are loving it!

Just before our honeymoon trip, I picked up a Vapur water bottle – one in purple for me and the other in blue for my husband Frank, at a local Chapters Bookstore.

Vapur Water Bottle Features and Benefits

And we fell in love with it for a number of reasons:

  • It’s easy to pack, taking up very little space – it can be laid flat or rolled up.
  • Extremely light when empty, and still light when full of 500 ml of water
  • It has a handy clip that’s large enough to fasten even on a camera bag strap
  • It’s see-through – you know how much water you have remaining
  • It can be placed vertically on a surface as it has a flat base
  • It’s freezable, so I can have chilled water that slowly melts throughout a span of a few hours
  • BPA-free and easy to clean
  • It’s not made in China!

The only thing that I’m thinking of doing to make it even better is to create a strap and crazy-glue it to the cap and the bottle so that it doesn’t get easily lost.

We’ve been using it for various outings including our honeymoon, hikes, road trips and running errands around the city.

Here’s the bag, full of water, nicely fitting in a compartment in our car:

Vapur Anti-Bottle

I’ve clipped it to my camera bag and a belt loop several times during hikes, and it doesn’t add too much additional weight to what I’m carrying.

Vapur bottle hiking

What this is not to be used for: hot beverages!


  1. We discovered these “bottles” late last year, and used them for the first time on a trip to Costa Rica in January. They are great! The best thing about them for us is the portability when travelling. They roll up into a nice little bundle, so carrying three of them is a breeze – such a difference than finding a way to pack 3 regular water bottles into a carry on bag or backpack.
    Each evening we’d fill them up and put them in the little fridge in our room. They were ice cold and ready to go the next morning when we set out for a daytrip or to lounge at the beach.
    I’d recommend them to anyone.
    Thanks for sharing your review!

    • Gaye, you are so right about the portability. These curled up inside our knapsacks during our honeymoon leaving us with so much space. Nice to see another fan of the brand!

  2. A co-worker has one of these and I think they are so cool. I gotta get me one!