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British couple fish out giant sturgeon in Fraser River

They flew so many miles for the love of fishing in British Columbia and they scored big! Michael and Margaret Snell, a retired couple from Salisbury, England visited British Columbia for the second time (first visit was in 2009) to try sturgeon fishing in the Fraser River with the Great River Fishing Adventures team. Mr. Snell got lucky with a huge catch after an hour and half long fight – a 12-foot 4-inch giant sturgeon!

I love hearing about stories like this one – can you imagine what they will say when they see their friends back in Salisbury? “I caught a fish and it was THIIIIISSSS BIGGGGG” (and stretching arms out widely while saying it).

What makes this even more special is the potential age of this monstrous white sturgeon – they can live for decades. This one may be well over 100 years old.

This isn’t the first time the Snells caught a sturgeon in the Fraser River – in 2009 they caught a five-foot sturgeon.

This latest catch was released back after being tagged.



  1. That one huge mother of a fish!

  2. Holy smack dab that is one incredible catch!!!!

  3. unless the guys holding the fish at the end of the video are 3′ tall that is certainly not a 12′ long fish.