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Unusual New Mom Gifts - New Mom Gifts

New Mom Gifts I Wish I Received

Four months into being a mom, I’m contemplating the new mom gifts I wish I received. Anybody who is a new mom for the first time will probably agree that baby clothes are the number one gift they get. I was inundated with numerous outfits for the various stages of babyhood. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a welcome gift ...

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Gifts for Father's Day

10 Fun Gifts For Father’s Day

This year, my husband is celebrating Father’s Day for the first time. He keeps talking about how getting a good night’s sleep would be an amazing thing. I’ll strive to give him the gift of peace and relaxation for at least a day. However, I’m also considering what to get my Dad and Father-in-law and so I’ve been pulled together ...

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Eneloop hand warmer

Day 10 of 12 Days of Holiday Giving: Eneloop Hand Warmer

Chemical-based hand warmers are great for cold weather conditions, particularly when you are hiking and taking photos (taking off your gloves for fine control), but they aren’t very environmentally friendly. The Eneloop Kairo Pink Hand Warmer from Sanyo is a palm-sized rechargeable battery-operated device that can be slipped into one’s pocket when enjoying outdoor activities this winter. It comes with ...

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