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Phone camera or DSLR for hiking

A few kilometres hiking on a moderate or difficult trail while lugging around a DSLR camera can be a pain in the neck… especially if your camera has a heavy lens and the strap is fraying. Increasingly I debate whether to use the phone camera or DSLR for hiking trips, trying to figure out which will be the most useful ...

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walking in amsterdam at night

Travel Photo: Walking in Amsterdam At Night

When in Amsterdam… the nightlife calls you. A few years ago, myself, my client and our media and bartender guests were walking in Amsterdam at night, passing by lit stores and galleries as we made our way from restaurant to bar, to bar… to lounge and so on.¬† The proverbial bar/lounge crawl, trying out the best Amsterdam has to offer ...

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Holyrood Abbey ruins

Travel Photo: Holyrood Abbey Ruins

The romantic Holyrood Abbey ruins at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh are a stark reminder that time and historic events can destroy the most beautiful buildings in the world. Holyrood Abbey’s name refers to “Holy Cross” as “rood” is an Old English word for “cross” – referring to the one Jesus was crucified upon. Founded in 1128 by King David I ...

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