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5117669045 dd6ff015f5 b 620x330 - Phone camera or DSLR for hiking

Phone camera or DSLR for hiking

A few kilometres hiking on a moderate or difficult trail while lugging around a DSLR camera can be a pain in the neck… especially if your camera has a heavy lens and the strap is fraying. Increasingly I debate whether to use the phone camera or DSLR for hiking trips, trying to figure out which will be the most useful ...

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2Proper way to photograph your legs 480x330 620x330 - How to Avoid "Hot Dog Legs" Photos

How to Avoid “Hot Dog Legs” Photos

With winter vacation in sunnier destinations season here, I felt a great need to share with you, my readers, tips on how to avoid hot dog leg photos. You’ve seen them on Flickr. On Instagram. On Facebook. The photo that your friend, sister.. maybe even brother, has taken of his/her own legs while sitting on a lounging chair or on ...

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Misty morning in the country1 620x330 - Taking photos from a moving car

Taking photos from a moving car

My husband Frank loves to be behind the wheel when we do a little drive out into the rural areas of Ontario, north from our hometown of Burlington. I’m usually in the passenger seat taking photos from a moving car and thoroughly enjoying the challenge of snapping something that will appear fairly sharp and well-composed. Normally, it would be best ...

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Bloggers and photographers

Bloggers and photographers – not all free publicity is openly welcome

When traveling, I sometimes find great places that I’m excited about. If I really enjoy my experience, I take photos and blog about it. I share tips and recommendations because people in this day and age are looking for more information online about travel destinations. Travelers seek details before they decide to visit any given place – whether it be ...

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