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Falls at Lake Superior Provincial Park

Travel Photo: Falls at Lake Superior Provincial Park

The falls at Lake Superior Provincial Park are some of the most beautiful features and amazing landscapes to explore in this park.  You can see falls throughout the park when check out at one of the many trail areas it has to offer. I took this photo of a set of falls at Lake Superior Provincial Park with a very simple ...

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Kite Beach in Cabarete in the early morning

Travel Photo: Kite Beach in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Kite Beach in Cabarete, just east of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, is extremely quiet first thing in the morning (7:00 to 9:00 a.m.). Only a few locals are out, getting ready for the day and taking advantage of the cooler temperatures.  Later on in the day, it’s packed with kiteboarders. For the early riser, this is the best ...

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Tower of London

Travel Photo: Tower of London and the Gherkin building

The Tower of London, one of the oldest buildings in the city of London and once a royal palace and fortress is a must-visit spot when exploring the city. The outer walls you see in this photo were built in the 13th century. In the background you can see glimpses of the new city and the famous “Gherkin” building – ...

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Wellington in Prince Edward County

Travel Photo: Sunset at Wellington, Ontario (Prince Edward County)

Wellington in Prince Edward County is a small town east of Toronto. What makes it a lovely spot are the quaint homes, cozy bed and breakfast places and sunsets as seen from the wharf area. This was taken on the grounds of the Wharf Restaurant & Pub. Visiting Wellington and the surrounding area of Prince Edward County is easy. About ...

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Agawa Bay

Travel Photo: Sunset at Agawa Bay

What do you do on a quiet evening at Awaga Bay campsite in Lake Superior Provincial Park? Watch the sun setting over the water… and take photos! During my one-night stay at this campsite several years ago, the sky was semi-cloudy, creating a moody sunset with the sun playing hide-and-go-seek. Late paddlers were making their way across the scene to ...

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Montreal City Hall

Travel Photo: Montreal City Hall

How time flies! I remember clearly the day I was walking around Old Montreal, early on a Sunday morning. I was awaiting an afternoon flight back to Toronto after a few days visiting the city for work. That morning, I came across Montreal City Hall – an imposing building with a vivid green copper roofline. Dramatic Architecture In Old Montreal ...

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Westminster Abbey from the back - apse

Travel Photo: The Aspe of Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is often photographed from the front entrance of the church or the side, where tourists line-up to enter. Very rarely does one see a photo of the back – aka the apse – of the church. While playing tourist in 2008, I snapped this photo after having explored the interior. The vertical lines draw the eyes up while ...

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