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Airplane Safety Videos

Funny Airplane Safety Videos

It’s inevitable… you must watch the boring airplane safety video or presentation before each flight. Since you are most likely already buckled in your seat, you are a captive audience.  The good news is that there are some airlines using humour to capture the interest of travellers. I’ve compiled a few funny airplane safety videos for you to check out. ...

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Proud to be Canadian

Proud to be Canadian… with these dance moves!

A new video, developed by Toronto-based digital agency Van56, is showcasing why we are proud to be Canadian via some pretty spiffy dance moves. With a catchy tune called “Canadian, Please” (by Julia Bentley & Andrew Gunadie – and available on iTunes), two stylishly red and white-dressed dancers and many iconic locations in Toronto, this video, along with the Canadiana-laced ...

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video of Zagreb

Armchair Travel: Zagreb, Croatia

This video of Zagreb is gorgeous. I have heard only great things about Zagreb, Croatia, and they all make me put it on my travel bucket list. The city has a long history, and with its architecture, culture and passionate people, there are many reasons to visit. Vimeo is featuring this video of Zagreb by Marko Vrodljak that showcases the ...

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