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Suburban Tourist does walking tour of Santo Domingo

Walking tour of Santo Domingo

All you need for a walking tour of Santo Domingo is a guide book with a map and a good pair of walking shoes. A large bottle of water tucked into your travel handbag is a good idea too. This is what I had with me during my one day, self-guided walking tour of the city’s historic Zona Colonial on ...

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Visiting Cuba for the First time

Visiting Cuba for the first time – two Baby Boomers go exploring

When my brother and I surprised our parents with a Christmas gift of a trip to Varadero, Cuba in January, there was some encouragement needed at first. Visiting Cuba for the first time was something scary and exciting. Despite many trend reports about globetrotting Baby Boomers, not all in this demographic travel on a regular basis. For many years my parents (ages 59 ...

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Dominican Republic Cookies

Dominican Republic Cookies On The Beach

In December 2009, I had the pleasure of spending 11 days in Cabarete… and where I had the pleasure of eating Dominican Republic cookies on the beach. Yes… a paradise as my setting and deliciousness in my mouth. After a few days of enjoying sweet Cuba Libres with Dominican rum, I enjoyed a sweet cookie. I had resisted for a ...

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