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Hamilton's Locke Street

Exploring Hamilton’s Locke Street

I’m in love with Hamilton, Ontario’s Locke Street! A recent visit to this street in the heart of Hamilton has proven to me that there are some fantastic shopping spots in this city, which is most often known for it’s steel plants. Even on a cool 12C, sunny day in November, Locke Street is busy with people walking on its ...

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twenty songs with a place city s 1 620x330 - Twenty songs with a place, city, state or country in the title

Twenty songs with a place, city, state or country in the title

During a visit to Amsterdam, I had one song going through my mind as I was walking around the city. It was A msterdamn by Partysquad and Afrojack. Quite the catchy tune with the perfect beat for walking at a good pace (perhaps this is why my feet were so sore!). I started thinking about all the different songs with ...

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Cycle culture in Amsterdam

Cycle culture: why you are more likely to be run over by a cyclist than car in Amsterdam

North Americans can learn a few things from the cycle culture in Amsterdam and its residents. The first visible lesson is the benefit of cycling around a city and what that does to your waistline. During my recent visit, I noted that most people – young and old – were slim and fit. I felt like the lumbering, big Canadian ...

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Ambassade Hotel in Amsterdam

A Review of Ambassade Hotel in Amsterdam

This review of Ambassade Hotel in Amsterdam is based solely on my personal experience with no compensation provided by the hotel. Nothing beats staying at a great hotel when visiting a foreign country. Being a tourist can be tough on the body, after all!  There are a few factors that make for an amazing hotel stay when I travel: Comfortable ...

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kariya park in Mississauga

Kariya Park: Secret zen garden in Mississauga

Think you can’t find a quiet spot in the hustling-bustling sprawl that is downtown Mississauga? Drive by it and you may miss it. Located on Kariya Drive, the Kariya Park is a little hidden away zen garden right by the Sussex Centre. Styled after a typical Japanese garden, Kariya Park was opened in 1992 to honour Mississauga’s twin-city relationship with ...

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Holiday Inn in Huntsville - review

Review: I’m staying at the Holiday Inn in Huntsville

It’s been a little while since the Holiday Inn re-branded itself with a new logo and upgrades to their buildings and accommodations. Over the years, I, like many others, associated Holiday Inn with cheap but decent lodging. In my mind, it was a two-and-a-half stars out of five. Oh boy was I in for a surprise during a recent stay ...

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Westfield Heritage Village

Visiting Westfield Heritage Village in Rockton, Ontario

Most who grew up in the Toronto area have at some point visited Black Creek Pioneer Village at some point in their lifetime. However, kids west of the Greater Toronto Area most likely remember visiting Westfield Heritage Village, located in Rockton, just north west of Hamilton. October is the last month you can enjoy a regular visit before closing for ...

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