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Brum's Dairy Pembroke

Food Find: Ice Cream from Brum’s Dairy in Pembroke, Ontario

There’s nothing better than ice cream on a hot day, and waffle cone with two scoops directly from the dairy is even better. Brum’s Dairy in Pembroke, Ontario is just the spot to visit if you need to cool off and are in that area of Eastern Ontario.

This past weekend we were visiting family at their cottage in Petawawa, Ontario. They told us about this well-known local dairy, and how they make the most delicious ice cream. Think dairy bars of days past.

Local Hot Spot For Almost 100 Years

Founded in 1918, it’s the “hot spot” (no puns intended) to get your ice cream, as well as other delicious items such as Brum’s lemonade, Brum’s iced tea and other dairy products.

Brum's Dairy in Pembroke

Frank enjoys soft serve ice cream and he fell in love with the chocolate and vanilla twist served at Brum’s. I had the Butter Pecan and Pralines & Cream in a waffle cone. They serve you huge scoops for a total cost of approx. $2.50.

For all four of us, the total was $11.20 – unbelievable prices compared to what you pay for the same at a chain like Baskin Robbins or Dairy Queen.

Our advice – arrive before noon. The hotter it gets, the more people pack the retail store of the dairy.

brum's dairy in Pembroke

We enjoyed our treat!

Brum’s Dairy
631 Bruham Avenue
Pembroke, ON
Tel: 613-735-2325