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recipes with raspberry syrup

Three recipes with raspberry syrup

What to do with raspberry syrup? A few months ago my mom gifted me with a bottle of raspberry syrup – a fruit syrup with primarily concentrated raspberry juice that’s rich and potent in its delicious scent.

I decided to try out recipes with raspberry syrup that went beyond the typical  “compote” which anybody growing up in an Eastern European family would have enjoyed regularly.

Most raspberry syrups are available in Eastern European grocery stores such as Starsky in and around the Toronto Area and Polish deli shops.

The two brands that I have found are Tenczynek and Herbapol – both brands do not have a pure raspberry syrup, but one that is blended in with sugar and other juices to make it palatable and sweet. The easiest way to consume it is to mix about 1 oz with a full glass of water for a lightly flavoured, and fairly low-calorie juice (approximately 30 calories).

I’ve experimented to create these few easy-peasy recipes with raspberry syrup which I share with you:

Raspberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

recipes with rapsberry syrup

There are two ways of going about this – either add a teaspoon of the raspberry syrup to an existing bottle of balsamic vinaigrette or make it from scratch.

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

2 tsp raspberry syrup

1/2 tsp sugar (or brown sugar)

1/2 tsp salt

3/4 cup olive oil

Combine all ingredients except olive oil together and whisk until well-mixed. Add olive oil slowly while whisking to emulsify. Taste and adjust ingredients to your preference.

Use immediately. Any extra vinaigrette can be stored in the refrigerator and re-whisked for future use.

Makes 1 cup.

Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream

recipes with raspberry syrup


The easiest way to use the raspberry syrup is to drizzle it over top vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt. It gives it a delicious berry flavour and pop of colour. Other flavours you might want to try this syrup out with are chocolate, strawberry and orange sherbert.

Raspberry Flavoured Cocktails

Don’t have a  raspberry-flavoured vodka in the liquor cabinet? Adding a 1/4 tsp of the raspberry syrup to your cocktail will give you the taste you want.

If you like to experiment as an amateur bartender, consider pairing it with peach schnapps and soda water for a light, fizzy drink.

Love raspberry wheat beer? If you don’t have any flavoured beer you can add the raspberry syrup to regular wheat beer or a light pilsner to change it up. Apparently it’s a common practice in Poland to flavour your beer with preferred fruity flavours.

Bon appetit! Or I say… zmacznego! 



  1. Hey,

    I really enjoyed this post.
    We had a similar syrup from Greece as children. Can’t remember what the flavour was though. Might have been cherry …

    Any how. I do love how countries across Europe have things in common with each other.


  2. Yum! Yum! And freakin’ yum!