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Taking photos of restaurant meals

Trends: Taking photos of restaurant meals

There’s a growing trend among food lovers of taking photos of your meal when dining out, or visiting a restaurant in a different country – taking photos of restaurant meals. I admit, I’ve done it too several times, particularly when the lighting was decent and I didn’t have to use a flash (which can make the food look garish and unappetizing). However, I’ve stopped doing this as it does a disservice to the food and the Chef.

With the explosion of social media and networking sites and tools, people are sharing their experiences not only via restaurant reviews but also images. As they say – “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Several sites offer the opportunity for people to upload their images. Flickr has several groups including Pictures of Meals; Camera Phone Meals; (this is where I would post most often.. with my trusty iPhone camera!); Restaurant, Lounges, Bars, Taverns, Cafes, Pubs and Employees and the more quirky Inflight Meal group. You can participate in discussions. There are also groups that are specific to restaurants in particular countries and cities.

Restaurant review sites such as Trip Advisor and Yelp , also allow people to share photos of their meals.

What has caused this proliferation of amateur food photographers? I believe it’s the changing technology in small, easy to use point-and-shoot cameras as well as the use of smartphones with good cameras. It’s easier than ever to capture that lovely meal just after it’s placed in front of you at your table.

And of course, it’s all about sharing information these days – either a good review or a bad review of a meal.

Here’s my example of a yummy Smoked Meat sandwich that I had at the Marche de la Villette in Old Montreal way back in 2006. At some point, this photo will end up on a review site…

Taking photos of food in restaurants

To visit Marche de la Villete:
324 Rue Saint Paul Ouest
Montreal, QC H2Y 2A3
(514) 807-8084



  1. I love taking pictures of my food when I travel. It’s so much part of the experience, both cultural and adventure. It’s funny you wrote this post because I just wrote a blog post about my favorite meals recently- with gratuitous food shots, of course!

  2. Mary R – I just saw your post. I love the photos – they make the food look so appetizing. I can’t wait for your site to get a “subscribe to” button.. until then, it will be bookmarked in my Favourites.