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Rosé and Blush Wines

Why I Hate Rosé and Blush Wines

I despise rosé and blush wines for summer drinking. I really do. I don’t like to see them on patio tables or on the side table, chilling in a wine bucket.

I don’t like seeing them on LCBO table displays, luring me in with the pretty pink colour and gorgeous bottle labels.

You may wonder what have a rosé or bush wine ever done to me that I have this reaction.

It’s So. Damn. Delicious. That’s the problem.

Although I am whisky gal with a love of a good cocktail, I also enjoy a nice chilled wine on a hot day. Rosé and blush wines are, in my opinion, the perfect companion to a wide variety of summer dishes – vegetable appetizers, fish and chicken entrees and cheese for dessert.

Here lies the problem. I can’t deny myself a glass or two… or three.. of crisp, chilled blush wine. Since I’m focusing on losing a few pounds post-birth, those few glasses easily derail me from my goal. I keep reminding myself, we only live once, so I should just go ahead and enjoy a glass!

This summer I’ve been checking out a few rosé and blush wines which stand out. Check them out at your local liquor store.

JP Azeitão Shiraz Rosé

Rose and blush wines for summper sipping

This is my new go-to for a starter wine with an appetizer. Fresh grass on the nose, light viscosity and a tart, refreshing taste make this Portuguese wine a good pairing for small bites to get one’s appetite going. It’s on the dry side so you can pair it with juicy, fruity sweet condiments and meatier bites that can take the red currant-like tartness. Available at the LCBO (750 ml bottle / $8.60).

Nugan Estate Third Generation Shiraz Rosé

Summer Rose and Blush Wines

With a richer mouthfeel than the JP, this slightly sweet and fruity rosé wine from Australia has a scent and flavours of berries, and particularly strawberries (at least for my nose). It’s a delight to drink on its own, but we tried it with chicken and loved it.  Available at the LCBO (750 ml bottle / $10.95).

Uprising Shiraz Rosé

My new favourite to pick up at the LCBO. My husband, myself and my father-in-law polished off this bottle so quickly I didn’t have a chance to snap a photo.

It surpasses in some ways many of the reasonably priced California blush wines. Very drinkable. So drinkable that I had to have two glasses in one sitting. It’s sweeter and more full-bodied than the JP and Third Generation with a touch more acidity. Citrus and berry flavours are predominant. A light finish. This one I can drink on its own. Available at the LCBO (750 ml bottle / $14.00).

Vieni Bruce Trail Rosé Sparkling

Vieni Estates Bruce Trail Sparkling Rose Review

We picked up this Ontario sparkling blush wine on a whim because it was named Bruce Trail. Vieni Estates include protected land on the Niagara Escarpement that is part of the Bruce Trail system. Since we love hiking, it seemed appropriate.

This wine is fun! Anything with bubbles is fun. Raspberries and cherries in the aroma and on the palate, with added spiciness make for a delicious wine to enjoy with summer salads and light chicken dishes. Best served on its own. Available at the LCBO (750 ml / $15.95).

Enjoy your summer sipping while the weather is hot! Remember to drink responsibly and keep yourself hydrated with water. It may kill the buzz but will keep you from getting heat stroke.

Salute! Na zdrowie!