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Dishcrawl Hamilton

Coming soon! Dishcrawl Hamilton, Ontario’s on Locke Street

Imagine trying out several restaurants in a neighbourhood in a span of a few hours. This is what Dishcrawl Hamilton is all about. You come out of the experience knowing that you may want to go back to all of them at some point, or perhaps only one or two.

The experience is Dishcrawl, a program that has become popular in cities across the US and Canada. Now, it’s coming to Hamilton, Ontario’s Locke Street, a neighbourhood we’ve explored in the past.

The premiere Dishcrawl in Hamilton is happening on Tuesday, March 19th at 7 p.m. For $60 you will have a chance to taste and enjoy food from four Locke Street restaurants. Ticket holders will be updated 48 hours before the event start time as to where they will meet.

Dishcrawl founder, Tracy Lee, is excited to bring the program to Hamilton.

“Dishcrawl has been extremely well received in Canada and Hamilton has an incredible restaurant scene that really deserves to be showcased,” says Lee. “We are so grateful for the warm welcome we have received from the restaurant and foodie community in Hamilton and looking forward to even bigger Dishcrawl events!”

While most of the restaurants for this Dishcrawl are secret, I suspect that Courtyard on Locke is one of the participating venues, based on tweets.

To purchase tickets via Dishcrawl Hamilton, visit: www.dishcrawl.com/hamilton

UPDATE: Dishcrawl Hamilton is no more. However, there are always cool dining events happening. In 2015, Dave Hanley, who ran the Hamilton Dishcrawl events launched Popup Hamilton. Keep an eye on him, as he’s always up to something cool when it comes to food.


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