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Sotiris Restuarant in Burlington

Review: Sotiris Restaurant in Burlington, Ontario

Taking a break from pub food, we headed to Sotiris Restaurant in Burlington, located on Harvester Road, just east of Guelph Line, for a Greek feast.

And a feast it was! Typical to any Greek restaurant I’ve ever visited (and I’ve visited a number in the Pape/Danforth area of Toronto), the generous portions at Sotiris do not disappoint. What makes this place a must-visit-again spot is the delicious food, great service, and well-lit and spacious dining area.

Your first thought when you enter is “Wow, the owners have sunk quite a bit of money into this place.”

The high-ceilings, arches with painted faux architectural decorations, the murals with idyllic Greek scenes and plaster crown mouldings make it feel like you are dining in an expensive restaurant. While these elements, along with the cleanliness of the tables and floors, certainly create this perception, there is one small thing that catches your eye after you’ve had a moment to sit down. All flowers and other plants are not real – we couldn’t help but smile at the plastic and cloth lemon tree near our table.

During the lunch hour on Sunday you get speedy service – while there are some private parties taking place in a separate semi-private room and in other corners of the restaurant, the waitresses do not ignore you even if you are sitting in your own quiet area, away from all the noisy crowds.

The menu is extensive – so many choices to review and ponder over. Appetizers are listed under cold and hot and take up a full page. There’s more than hummus on the list – broiled feta, the all-time favourite flaming kefalotyri cheese, and wine sausages are some of the 20-plus options to choose from. I would definitely visit Sotiris again just to continue exploring their appetizers!

Sotiris Restuarant, BurlingtonWe opted for the combination of homemade three dips ($8.99) – Tzatziki (yogurt blended with cucumber and garlic), Taramosalata (red caviar, oil and lemon juice) and Melitzanosalata (eggplant, olive oil, herbs and spices), which came with a generous serving of warm, toasted pita and garlic bread. You can taste the freshness of these dips – garlicky, zesty and smooth, they are a must-try. While many restaurants will use foodservice providers for their dips, Sotiris does not, making them on site.

For our entrees, I went light with the Dinner Greek Salad with grilled chicken topping as my choice (choice of grilled chicken breast, gyro, or pork souvlaki sticks – $11.99), while Frank opted for the Chicken Souvlaki ($18.99)  which comes with a salad, rice and potatoes.  Both dishes were delicious with fresh ingredients – the chicken was grilled to perfection and moist, and this is something I always look for in any Greek or Mediterranean restaurant. Nobody wants to be eating chicken as tough as a piece of leather!

The portion sizes are large, so it’s better to choose less for your order unless you plan to take leftover food home with you.

Sotiris Restaurant, Burlington

Greek Salad with Chicken

Overall, the experience at Sotiris is very satisfying. Friendly staff, nice atmosphere and excellent food make it an ideal spot to get your Mediterranean/Greek food fix. The only recommendation is to bring a warm sweater as it does get a bit chilly if the main dining area is not packed with people.

Side note: Sotiris does banquet packages and has a separate semi-private dining area that can easily fit

Rating: 4.5/5

Sotiris Restaurant
3135 Harvester Road
Burlington, Ontario
Tel: 905-634-8813

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