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makeup I have in my bag

Makeup I Have In My Bag

I don’t wear much makeup. With combination sensitive skin that gets both oily and dry in spots, as well as little time to fiddle around with extensive makeup routines, I don’t use much. I consider myself a natural-girl – so the makeup I have in my bag reflects the light look that I go for.

While it may seem I’m stuck in a makeup routine, these are the colours that I often use on a regular basis as they help enhance my features just enough to look more vibrant but are neutral. As I get older, I stay away from garishly bright colours and too much makeup.

Here’s what’s in my bag right now:

Mascara: Elizabeth Arden Double Density Maximum Volume (in black/brown)

I love this mascara – it never smudges but easily washes off with a bit of soap and warm water.  It’s worth the $25 a tube.

Eyeliner: Annabelle – Earth colour

Simple and effective, it creates just a bit of drama around my upper eyelashes making my eyes pop.

Lipliner: Annabelle – Demure colour

This is a very neutral pink lip liner that enhances my natural lip colour, defining the edges without looking like I’ve done so.

Lipstick: L’Oreal Colour Riche – Fairest Nude

A light colour that works very well to just give your lips a bit of a consistent matte pink that complements the earthy tones of the eyeliner and mascara. It also has a creamy texture that nicely coats my lips without feeling caked on.

Tip: If you love Lip Smackers lip balms, and want to blend the delicious scents (my favourite has always been the original vanilla), they are now making tinted lip glosses and balms with the same amazing scents. So for ladies of a certain age (like myself) who grew up loving the scents and “flavours” of Lip Smackers, you have new options to enjoy.