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2011 New Year Resolutions for Suburban Tourist

Now that all the Christmas and New Year festivities are over, and life has returned to the usual routine of sleep, eat, go to work, eat and sleep, it’s time to set down some New Year Resolutions for 2011.

Some would say that I’m setting myself up for failure – it’s never easy to keep a resolution. However, anybody who knows me knows that I rise to the challenge.

So this year I’m challenging myself to do five things as best as I can:

1) Increase my efforts to recycle. Am I throwing out recyclables with non-recyclables? Do I really need to print out that email to store away in a folder that I may never look at again?

2) Indulge in a decadent, “unhealthy” (but often very delicious) food only once a week. And by decadent food, I mean my favourite French Fries with curry butter sauce, or a fresh baguette with Brie cheese, fresh Prosciutto and tomato. A glass of wine a day doesn’t count, nor does one small bit of dark chocolate. After all, they are deemed a healthy addition to your daily diet.

3) Blog more about my passion for good food, dining, and exploring urban centres, while as the same time expanding my photography skills.

4) Aim to visit 10 trails that I’ve never visited before by September 2011, and to blog about them. They can be in Ontario, or in other provinces, or even in other countries altogether. Natural landscapes and the outdoors is where I recharge my energy that helps me get through the work week, so as much as possible, I’ll be hitting the trails and exploring.

5) Find a balance between work, family life and personal time. This won’t be easy and I’ll have to make some big changes but I’m sure it can be accomplished if I set my mind to it!

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