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2013 New Years Resolutions1 - 2013 New Year's Resolutions and Travel Bucket List

2013 New Year’s Resolutions and Travel Bucket List

It’s that time of year again! For making New Year’s Resolutions and updating the travel bucket list.

Last year, dear reader, I made no resolutions. And guess what! I kept to my plan! I didn’t make any promises to myself, and frankly, 2013 was one amazing year.

Planning our wedding with 200 guests; moving in with Frank; house-searching and then buying; moving into our new home… and getting it all set up so it’s a livable space.

In between these activities, we managed to take a two week honeymoon in the UK, a weekend getaway to our extended family’s cottage in Petawawa and a few minor day trips here and there.

For 2013, I’ve decided to limit myself to three resolutions:

  1. Get back to hiking and exploring the outdoors. We haven’t done enough of this this past year.
  2. Work on improving use of colour in my photos as well as a greater attention to details. I tend to take landscape shots, but rarely zoom in on the details.
  3. Get more guest bloggers to post on (Sub)urban Tourist. I love writing, but enjoy sharing the thoughts of other bloggers and giving them a chance at increased exposure through my regular readers.

2013 Travel Bucket List

Since we are new homeowners, I suspect many of our travels will be to the local Home Depot. However, we may just squeeze in a trip here or there.

On our short travel bucket list are:

And of course, more adventures exploring Ontario!
travel bucket list


  1. Congratulations on a great year! I’ve enjoyed following your blog and am looking forward to reading more from you in 2013. Now you’ve got me thinking about my own resolutions, but I’m not brave enough to put them out there in the blogosphere…yet. Thanks for giving me inspiration, though!

  2. I don’t make resolutions so never break ’em :)

    Quebec City, Halifax and Cape Breton are definitely places you need to visit. I was in Quebec City in September and there is so much to see. And I’m from Cape Breton :)

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