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February 2013 Snowstorm in Ontario – A Reminder From Mother Nature

I can’t remember the last time we had such a huge snowstorm in Ontario where there was more than 10 cm predicted and actually accumulating even more!  I think the last time I saw this amount of snowfall, where driving on unplowed side-streets was risky, was about 10 years ago.

The big February 2013 snowstorm in Ontario will always be remembered fondly by kids as the one where they got to stay home from school, play with their parents in the snow (many people avoided the commute in) and enjoy the wintertime!

As I write this post, we’ve received at least a good 20 cm with more expected. Finally, a winter wonderland again! The last time I posted wintery photos was back in January 2011.

There are numerous photos being posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of conditions outside today. I couldn’t help but photograph a few of my own, grabbing my DSLR during my lunch break (while working from home, cozy in my PJs).

february 2013 Snowstorm in Ontario

My view from the “home office”

Snowstorm in Ontario

Gusty winds blow snow off the roofs in Burlington, Ontario

February 2013 Snowstorm in Ontario

Measuring the amount of snow by the layer on top of our deck



  1. This what I’ve been waiting for since December! I only live 6 km from work, so I made the trek to work. But you can be sure that tomorrow I’ll be outside enjoying this awesome gift from Mother Nature.

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