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Romantic hiking ideas: celebrating Valentine’s Day outdoors

One of the things that I love about my husband Frank is that he enjoys spending time outdoors and that he considers romantic hiking trips an ideal date. For him, walking through the woods for a few hours (with me as his companion) is a way of re-balancing his life after a busy work week and commuting.

We have in common this love of the outdoors. I think it’s this shared enjoyment of hiking, camping and exploring natural environments that’s a key part of what makes our relationship so great.

Prior to getting married, Frank wooed and romanced me through conversations while walking in our local places such as Crawford Lake Conservation Area, Hilton Falls and other conservation areas. He would surprise me with a delicious snack he packed in his knapsack, or with a mystery destination. Hiking was a cheap date idea but it was also one rich in time together without distractions. We could talk, learn about each other and truly spend quality time together.

We’d often see other couples walking the trails, hand-in-hand, flirting and having fun. Getting outdoors is conducive to romance!

Our good friend Preston Ciere from Portageur.ca posted this romantic Valentines Day idea on Facebook:

Portageur Outdoorsy Sign Buy your honey hiking boots

It made me chuckle.

If you are thinking of a romantic thing to do for Valentine’s Day that doesn’t involve over-crowded restaurants or the over-done box of chocolates and roses, here are three romantic hiking tips to please your outdoor-loving sweetheart:

  • Arrange for a moonlight snowshoeing session at one of the many conservation areas nearby. Crawford Lake Conservation Area has these sessions throughout the winter, with a brief introduction on how to snowshoe. If there’s no snow, you get to hike under the moonlight instead.
  • Pack a picnic! Who said that picnics are only for summertime? Pack a small insulated “cooler” with some warm foods such as mac ‘n cheese or pasta, and place a heated up magic bag or several hand warmers inside to keep warm. An alternative is a insulated thermos with warm soup paired with toast or crackers. Find a spot not too far from your car for your picnic. Bring a few extra garbage bags to use to protect your bottom from ice and snow. Once fueled up, enjoy your walk.
  • From Preston of Portageur.ca: “The gift of spending time together usually goes over well. One activity that comes to mind is finding a trail that passes by a quaint little village. If some research is done, you can find several “rail-trail” types that pass right into the town. Once in town you can sit, rest and get a nice warm coffee or hot chocolate. Depending on the town you can also find a nice restaurant, which you can turn a “nice walk on the trail” gift into a surprise romantic dinner. The walk back to the car should go over well if you’ve done it right. Added bonus is to use the rail trail that leads to Paris – even if it’s just Paris, Ontario. (Actually, Paris, Ontario has some great coffee shops and restaurants with a range of fanciness.)”
  • Do some exploring together. Who says day trips are for the summer time? You can do day trips from Toronto in the winter too. Choose a destination, gas up the car, grab a cup of coffee and hit the road with your love. Waterfalls in the Hamilton area are spectacular when ice covered (Tiffany Falls comes to mind) while the Collingwood and surrounding area are excellent for outdoor activities such as skiing. 
Romantic hiking ideas for Valentine's Day

Me in the back with my Valentine Frank – my hiking partner for life.

I’ve written on the subject of Valentine’s Day ideas on the past including romantic hiking tips. Check out this post from two years ago for more inspiration.

Wishing you a love-filled Valentine’s Day!

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  1. There’s nothing better than being outside!