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Goodbye to Fall 2013

Saying goodbye to Fall 2013: A Walk in Burlington

There’s always one big storm around Halloween that rips off much of the remaining leaves. Trees in early November always look a bit on the bare side. And so, before this storm hit (which is ironically today, as I write this blog post), we decided to enjoy one last walk, saying goodbye to Fall 2013.

Our neighbourhood in Burlington, Ontario is a fairly new one, with trees only about 12 years old. Foliage is a bit on the sparse side here, but if you wander just south of our subdivision, you have older growth from a residential area that is at least 5o to 60 years old.

Walk in Burligton

Trees tower over you, and under your feet is a carpet of leaves. Even though you know that the conditions will be transitioning to colder, wetter days, you breath in the scent of decay and know that Fall is in its last hurrah.

On this last true Fall walk in Burlington, we did a total of 5 km, to and from our in-laws home. Part of the way we walked along New Street, lined with old trees and ivy-covered backyard fences of residential homes.

Walk in Burlington

During the cold, snowy winter, I will look fondly at these moments, captured in a few snapshots with my iPhone.

Do you ever go for that one last walk in Fall to enjoy the last bit of colourful foliage?



  1. Hey Margaret,

    Love the fall leaves. It does make me sad when they are gone.
    I was in Muskoka this passed weekend and there was little to nothing left in terms of colourful leaves.
    I love the fall for the colours and the layers.
    Sad to see it all go.

    Have an awesome day!


    • I know the feeling Christine. I’m always a bit bummed out when the colour goes. Once winter rolls around and we get a few good snowstorms with lovely fresh snow, I don’t mind the lack of colour. There’s something about snow on the ground that makes me think of hibernating inside and relaxing.

  2. I walked to Trinity Bellwood Park on Sunday and a lot of the trees still have green leaves.

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