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Throwback: Winter Games for Commodore 64

Anybody in their late 30s and early 40s right now may remember this gem of a game series – the Summer and Winter Games for Commodore 64. I’ve posted the video for the winter version… how far we have come from the pixelated figures and Midi music! But boy did these games offer hours of fun, after you had spent 15 minutes to half-an-hour loading them up on tape decks/mini-diskettes.

I fondly remember using the joystick, moving it back and forth quickly to make the pixel man/woman move fast, and then press the button to make them jump/shoot/throw to win. At the end of the day my thumb would be sore.

Kids these days have it way too good with much more advanced games that can be enjoyed on iPads and other tablets. The graphics, music and ease of use leaves little to the imagination and need for manual dexterity.

You can enjoy playing Winter Games for Commodore 64 on emulators (easily found online via a number of sources, both free and paid) that recreate the gaming experience.  Relive the past!

 Check out this emulator by Hakan Sundell.

What was your favourite computer game from the 1980s?


  1. Well I had an Atari and the classic Nintendo. RBI Baseball, Super Mario 1 and 3, Monopoly etc. My late boomer generation was big on board games, Risk, Clue, Monopoly, Life, Sorry etc. I was seen as sort of a trendy for playing video games in the 80s compared to a lot of my friends who eschewed the whole thing. I hear that Hasbro and Mattel are losing tons of money now, kids are all on tablets.

    Pole Position at Union Station, used to play that a lot waiting for my train to come in.

    • Yes, board games are suffering. I was introduced to video games by my uncle, who was only 9 years older than me. He was on the cusp of being a Baby Boomer/Generation X – he’s still very big into gaming!