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Why I’m not the douchebag/yuppie type of suburban tourist

Seems that the term “suburban tourist” has been described like this by Urban Dictionary:

A douchebag who drives around the suburbs at half the legal speed limit, looking at houses that he and his stuck up yuppie wife would like to purchase. Suburban tourists usually travel in groups of twos or threes in late model Dodge Caravans or VW Jettas, and have a tendency to stop randomly to point and discuss the latest shade of any butt-ugly pastel coloured siding they might encounter. They also love to stare at you when you’re mowing the lawn, as they seem to think their stares and finger pointing are invisible to anyone outside their car.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that I’m such a “suburban tourist”. Far from it.

If anything, the definition of suburban tourist that best suits me is:

The cool chick who drives around the suburbs and city, and occasionally in the countryside, doing the legal speed limit (and occasionally just a bit more on the open road), looking at houses, city buildings, farms and forests, with her outdoorsy, down-to-earth boyfriend. This suburban tourist likes to travel primarily with her guy in a mid-sized sedan – either a Ford Focus or sporty Mazda 3 GT (both have sunroofs open in the spring and summer), and has a tendency to stop only at interesting views and landscapes to take photos and take in the scene. Hiking is another excellent form of travel this type of tourist likes to enjoy, especially on weekends. She also likes to meet and chat with  people to get a sense of the local culture and interesting things to do. Staring at others and pointing fingers is considered in bad-taste by this suburban tourist, but a wave and a smile are A-OK.

Just wanted to make sure everybody is on the same page as to what Suburban Tourist is all about.

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