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Winter Arrives in Toronto

Winter arrives in Toronto

Winter arrives in Toronto: temperatures below 0 C. Check.

Snow on trees and the ground. Check.

Crazy drivers who don’t slow down soon enough at intersections. Check.

Despite the craziness that is the first “big” (i.e. 2 cm+) snowfall in Toronto, I’m happy to see winter in all its chilliness finally arrive in this part of Canada. I was missing the good old fashioned blizzards and snowstorms that had me exercising while shovelling snow off the driveway and sidewalk; playing with my dog Jasper in the snow-covered backyard; and hiking in a winter wonderland with Frank.

A recent impromptu poll on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/suburbantourist) shows that I’m in the minority – most respondents claim they like the above average temperatures Southern Ontario was receiving over the past few weeks.

The good news for these folks is that this wintery blast is only temporary. We’ll be back to the above 0C temperatures soon enough. For those like myself who love the cold and snow, enjoy it while it lasts and hope for more visits from Old Man Winter in the coming weeks.

Winter arrives in Toronto: an evening walk in the snow.

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  1. It was a lovely spring day today for my drive to Oakville :)

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