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Book Review: In Charge Parenting by Dr. Domenick Maglio

As a parent to a one year old, I’m dreading what’s to come. Society is changing as quickly as technology these days. We can barely keep up. Parents are turning to experts and how-to books to help navigate the challenges of parenting in today’s world. Dr. Domenick Maglio’s new book, In Charge Parenting comes at a time when parents are seeking guidance to help kids grow up into amazing, well-rounded people.

As a Generation Xer raised in an old-fashioned Polish-Canadian household, I had somewhat of a different upbringing than most. Kids of immigrant parents of my generation will probably relate to the methods used to bring up kids by our families. Advice on how to raise a child was passed down from generation to generation. Some tips were questionable, but most were spot-on.

Dr. Maglio’s child-rearing advice brings to mind many of the old ways of bringing up kids. The challenges are there – we know what they are. How do you pass on your ‘old fashioned’ values to your kids? How do you raise your child to have values such as honour, respect, gratitude, humbleness when these are not promoted in mainstream culture?

Dr. Maglio’s approach can be viewed as to rigid for the child – the parent has more control in their child’s development than the kid. The parent is the leader and guide, teaching moral values. Discipline is not an evil word in the parenting repertoire according to Dr. Maglio. In this world, whether we like it or not, life can be tough, there are challenges to be overcome, and sometimes you don’t always get what you want.

Key Truths in In Charge Parenting

Although the book is meant for American parents, the information can be adapted to parents of any culture.

A few key themes stand out for me:

  • Avoid passing on materialistic thinking to your kids
  • Being an in-charge parent means short-term pain for long-term happy, competent and successful kids.
  • Teaching kids about consequences to their actions helps deter disobedient, improper behaviour.
  • Parenthood is a sacred responsibility and a commitment that requires time, patience and non-stop attention.
  • Children need training from their parents on culturally acceptable behaviours – from responsibility, empathy, respect to conscience etc.

Dr. Maglio may be controversial to some who have a liberal approach when it comes to discipline methods (spanking), but for many his thoughts and recommendations will make sense.  Ultimately, his book is about how to raise “self-reliant, intelligent citizens” with moral values.

A psychologist and educator with over 45 years of experience, Dr. Maglio has applied what he learned and tested as a university professor, clinical psychologist, family and child therapist and an owner/director of a college prep school. In addition to his work, he has four grown kids and 11 grandchildren, giving him credibility in sharing wisdom on parenting.

A sample copy of the book was provided to me for review. I did not receive any compensation for this post.