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Erindale Park

Winter hiking at Erindale Park, Mississauga

After several weeks of gloomy winter days, snowfall and feeling Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), on a chilly January day in 2011, we decided we needed to do some winter hiking at Erindale Park.

SAD can be very disruptive to daily life. I was feeling the effects of it, combined with work stresses.Heading into nature always helps me balance my life, so it’s often something we do to get back to normal.

While we had explored Erindale Park earlier in the month, this time there was more snow and it was obvious that the the park had many visitors. The parking lot was full!

I was very pleased to see so many people enjoying this beautiful park. Despite the sunshine, a chilly wind was coming in from the north, making it very cold. This didn’t deter many – Mississaugans are a hardy people!

So what can you do at Erindale Park in the winter? Here are a few of the activities we noticed:

  • Tobogganing down the hill close to the parking lot at Dundas Street
  • Cross country skiing along the Culham Trail
  • Snowshoeing – fun for the whole family
  • Hiking through the snow – it’s too difficult to take a leisurely stroll when you have snow past your ankles. Some people were using trekking poles to help themselves along, and others had their dogs walking alongside them.
  • Running. Yes, there were a few dedicated people braving the wind chills and running along the snow-covered trail.
  • Taking photos. I was one of the few who was doing the hike-and-stop to take photos of the winter scenery.
  • Getting a bit of Vitamin D while listening to the soothing sound of the Credit River. We passed by a couple who had their faces and hands exposed to the sun. The gentleman smiled and said he was enjoying the sunshine and “sunbathing”.

While the wind was bitterly cold if you were walking north along the Culham Trail, it was well worth the visit just to see all the activity and get a bit of sunshine. My new hat and gloves were put to very good use and kept me toasty warm – the wool gloves/mittens were especially great and useful.

Here are a few photos of our time at Erindale Park:

Erindale Park

The hill at Erindale Park is a popular spot for kids and families.

Erindale Park

The snow grooves from cross country skiers

Erindale Park

Skiers on the Culham Trail

Erindale Park

Taking the dog out for a stroll in the snow

More photos of Erindale Park can be found on my Erindale Park set on Flickr.

Visit Mississauga.ca’s page for Erindale Park to learn more about this great spot.