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Why Morning Is The Best Time For Photography

A photographer friend of ours told us once that morning is the best time for photography.  He was right.

We met up with him for an early morning hike at Mount Nemo Conservation Area near Milton. While the weather conditions weren’t the best with cloudy skies, passing rain showers and a brisk wind, it was nevertheless one of the better hikes I had in a long time.

A few things made it such a good hike: the cool temperatures, the muted morning light and the lack of other hikers on the trails. Of course, the purpose of this hike was to build my photography skills.

I had never gone hiking this early in the morning (7:30 a.m.) before, so it was a learning experience shooting with low light conditions. What I loved about it was that I didn’t have to wait for a horde of other hikers (some who tend to have no consideration for anybody who wants to take a photo) to move out of the way for my shot. Nor did I have to hurry while setting up my shot.

This was also my first hike on the trails at Mount Nemo Conservation Area and I would highly recommend it – it will be a fantastic spot in early October when we can expect the foliage to be even more brilliant than it was this past weekend.

With the fall hiking season starting in southwestern Ontario, I share this tip – try heading out early in the morning. As they say – “The early bird gets the worm.” And in my case… “the early bird gets the shot.”

Here are a few of the photos I took:

Morning hike

A Bruce Trail marker in a ray of morning sunshine

Morning hike

Golden glory

Morning hike

Morning sunlight illuminating the textures of this tree stump and a bit of moss growing on it.

Morning hike

A leaf in the sun

Morning hike

The woods of Mount Nemo Conservation Area

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  1. Love The woods of Mount Nemo photo. It has so much atmosphere

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