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Island Lake Conservation Area in Orangeville

Visiting Island Lake Conservation Area in Orangeville

The Island Lake Conservation Area in Orangeville, Ontario is a 332 hectare area, along the shores of the Orangeville Reservoir, managed by the Credit River Conservation Authority.  As it’s not overly large and located outside of the immediate greater Toronto Area, many have not visited it, unless they live in the area.

We had passed by the Reservoir on past travels – one sunny winter day a couple of years ago, my husband Frank suggested we do a quick visit there during a day of exploring country roads north of the GTA.

Our visit was just after a fresh snowfall, and early in the morning. With the sun barely rising over the trees, we trekked on the trail towards the reservoir. We saw a few people with their dogs, or just taking a brisk morning walk on the trail. The Vicki Barron Lakeside Trail goes alongside the reservoir, and around it. We didn’t do the whole trail due to time, but got a taste of it while there.

Island Lake Conservation Area

The area is pretty – conifers mixed with hardwood trees, and home to a number of wildlife species, both on land and in the water. If you are lucky, you may spot deer in the winter. In the spring through summer, you can also spot raccoons, flying squirrels and porcupines among other wildlife.

Frozen conifer

There are several trails at Island Lake Conservation Area – the Maple Bush Trail which takes you through a Maple and Beach forest, and the Memorial Forest Trail which is supposedly excellent for cross country skiing (we may just need to dig out our skis for the next visit!)

Island Lake Conservation Area in Orangeville

Since our visit was just a brief taste of what Island Lake Conservation Area in Orangeville has to offer, we plan to do a bit more exploring in the future. What is so appealing about it is that it’s  quiet and not visited by many.  Its distance away from the immediate greater Toronto area means fewer people on the trails, and a more peaceful hike.

Resting on a log

Island Lake Conservation Area
673067 Hurontario Street
Orangeville, ON L9W 2Y9

Admission price: $3 (children ages 6 to 12; seniors); $5 for adults spring through fall season. Off season (March 25-April 17 and October 27-Dec 31) admission is $5/vehicle self-service.




  1. I’ve never heard of this conservation area! Looks like it’s going on my list of places to visit, as it is only about an hour drive from my home. Thanks for the share and the great pictures!

  2. Looks like a great place to enjoy winter :) Maybe even bring along snowshoes.