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Exploring Bruce Peninsula by kayak: inspiring video


If you are heading up to the Tobermory area this summer and enjoy kayaking, you may consider bringing your kayak with you or renting one.

The above cool, brief video shot by James Hooey, is truly inspiring (even for a non-kayaker like me). His route along the coastline hits several interesting features including caves and sandy beaches. He also includes the Grotto, which Frank and I visited last summer. To our disappointment, we were not the only ones to do so. Lucky Mr. Hooey for getting to visit during a quiet day when nobody was swimming in this gorgeous spot.

Note his warning about the need to be experienced before heading out on the water.

Georgian Bay is a large, volatile body of water so experience and safety are required. This is a remote protected area with minimal access.

For my safety’s sake, I think I’ll just enjoy the video.

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