how to clean up your garage

How to Clean Up Your Garage

You may think that to clean up your garage, all you need to do is throw away the old junk or sell it in a garage sale. There’s more to properly cleaning it so that it adds value to your home, makes it an extra room with organized storage and a stress-free zone. When you come home at the end ...

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Review Groundswell

Book Review: Groundswell – Chapters 1 to 5

In May, my husband Frank and I enrolled ourselves into the online Social Media Marketing course offered by Toronto’s George Brown College. Part of the course is to read a book on social media and do a book report on it. I decided to review Groundswell: Winning in the World Transformed by Social Technologies by Forrester Research executives Charlene Li ...

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protecting your dog from ticks

Protecting your dog from ticks and Lyme Disease

About two years ago, I learned and wrote about how enjoying the outdoors has its risks when it comes to ticks. While the stories about Lyme disease, spread by tick bites, have recently focused on human cases in Canada, we often don’t think about our pets. Protecting your dog from ticks and Lyme Disease is something that we also need ...

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walking trails in Burlington

A Spring hike: Walking trails in Burlington, Ontario

Did you know you can pretty much walk from one end of Burlington, Ontario to the other? I found out recently that if you want to go for a long walk, you can do so – all you need to do is hit the walking trails in Burlington. We live by a beautiful wood lot – Sherwood Forest Park – which ...

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Amsterdam by Lyrov

Armchair Travel: Amsterdam by Lyrov

This video – I Amsterdam by Lyrov (filmed and edited) is a like a love letter to the city. Watching this video takes me back to my brief visit in the fall of 2011. It blends the old with the new – the canals (including one beautiful early morning scene with sunlight filtering through) the streets full of people walking, ...

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makeup I have in my bag

Makeup I Have In My Bag

I don’t wear much makeup. With combination sensitive skin that gets both oily and dry in spots, as well as little time to fiddle around with extensive makeup routines, I don’t use much. I consider myself a natural-girl – so the makeup I have in my bag reflects the light look that I go for. While it may seem I’m ...

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visiting roman baths

Travel Photo: Two Ducks Visiting Roman Baths

Any old city or town in the UK has its historic sites that require at least one visit to get an understanding of the history of the country. Visiting Roman Baths in Bath Spa, UK is a must-do. It’s one of the most visited tourist attractions in the UK, transporting visitors back to the period of Roman occupation over 2,000 ...

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