recipes with raspberry syrup

Three recipes with raspberry syrup

What to do with raspberry syrup? A few months ago my mom gifted me with a bottle of raspberry syrup – a fruit syrup with primarily concentrated raspberry juice that’s rich and potent in its delicious scent.¬† I decided to try out recipes with raspberry syrup that went beyond the typical¬† “compote” which anybody growing up in an Eastern European ...

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why i don't watch award shows

Five Reasons Why I Don’t Watch Award Shows

That time of the year has come – when my co-workers gather around on Monday morning over the first cup of coffee or tea and discuss who won the award the night before or who wore what. They dissect speeches (because that’s what people in PR do) and discuss who was the biggest train wreck. Welcome to Award Show Season. ...

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Winter north of Toronto

Exploring the Winter North of Toronto

The last time we had so much snow on the ground in the Greater Toronto Area during the Christmas season was a long time ago. Remember the snow storm of 1999 that hit just after Christmas? With the early snowfall in December, and continuous lake-effect flurries, there’s a beautiful winter north of Toronto… as well as in southwestern Ontario to ...

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Herb Cottage Cheese Spread

Recipe: Cottage Cheese Herb Spread

When I was a little girl, I fell in love with a dish that my grandparents would make for my brother and me for lunch. It was a simple thing – light rye bread, tomato slices, finely chopped onion and a cottage cheese herb spread that they made from scratch. The cottage cheese that they used wasn’t the runny kind ...

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