Gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Flower shops are always extremely busy in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, preparing bouquets of red roses. Restaurant reservations are booked up and movie theatres are always full. In the days leading up to this special day, people are walking hand-in-hand, stealing an occasional kiss. They’re also looking for unique gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that show their significant other ...

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Visiting Cuba for the First time

Visiting Cuba for the first time – two Baby Boomers go exploring

When my brother and I surprised our parents with a Christmas gift of a trip to Varadero, Cuba in January, there was some encouragement needed at first. Visiting Cuba for the first time was something scary and exciting. Despite many trend reports about globetrotting Baby Boomers, not all in this demographic travel on a regular basis. For many years my parents (ages 59 ...

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Royal Coachman in Waterdown

Review: The Royal Coachman in Waterdown

We recently ventured out of the the Burlington area to try a classic British-style pub in Waterdown, Ontario called The Royal Coachman. In a nutshell – this place is a hot spot in this region, with the lunch crowd on the weekends surpassing any that we have seen in other pubs west of Toronto on a Saturday afternoon. What makes this such a popular ...

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Erindale Park

Winter hiking at Erindale Park, Mississauga

After several weeks of gloomy winter days, snowfall and feeling Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), on a chilly January day in 2011, we decided we needed to do some winter hiking at Erindale Park. SAD can be very disruptive to daily life. I was feeling the effects of it, combined with work stresses.Heading into nature always helps me balance my life, ...

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Queens Head in Burlington, ONtario

Review: The Queens Head in Burlington, Ontario

NOTE: We’ve visited The Queens Head in Burlington in recent years. Under a new team in the kitchen, the food offerings are delicious with fresh ingredients. This post was based on initial impressions in 2011. As I’ve resolved to blog more this year, I’ve had to come up with new blog topics – and so this past weekend I had ...

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winter wonderland

Winter wonderland!

On a chilly January night, I was watching a news report on The Weather Network about a recent snowfall in Toronto and surrounding region had finally received. The reporter was asking people in downtown Oakville, Ontario about their thoughts of the snow. They were loving the winter wonderland that was blanketing southern Ontario. Everybody who was interviewed in the segment ...

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Glass of red wine1 620x330 - 2011 New Year Resolutions for Suburban Tourist

2011 New Year Resolutions for Suburban Tourist

Now that all the Christmas and New Year festivities are over, and life has returned to the usual routine of sleep, eat, go to work, eat and sleep, it’s time to set down some New Year Resolutions for 2011. Some would say that I’m setting myself up for failure – it’s never easy to keep a resolution. However, anybody who ...

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