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How to Avoid “Hot Dog Legs” Photos

With winter vacation in sunnier destinations season here, I felt a great need to share with you, my readers, tips on how to avoid hot dog leg photos.

You’ve seen them on Flickr. On Instagram. On Facebook. The photo that your friend, sister.. maybe even brother, has taken of his/her own legs while sitting on a lounging chair or on the beach. All tanned and glistening and looking like two skinny hot dog weiners.

If you don’t know what these look like, check out this Tumblr blog dedicated to “Hot-Dog Legs“.

So how do you avoid taking photos of your beautiful, toned and tanned legs so that they appear like something edible baking in the sun? Here are a few pointers – please excuse my amateurish Photoshop skills:

  • Look at the first photo in this post. Try to include your feet and toes in the shot. A no brainer, but something that people often forget to include for context (i.e. this isn’t a photo of two hot dog sausages but my legs!) I took the photo of my own legs while lounging on a beach in Varadero, Cuba. Note the key elements that I’ve made sure to have so that they don’t look like hot dog legs. Even the angle is set lower to avoid any mistake that these are LEGS!
  • Place your legs on an angle so that people can see the calves and legs below the knee.

Hot Dog legs Side Position

  • Cross one leg and prop it up on the other knee with your foot showing (see below).

Hot Dog Legs

  • Don’t think that just wearing a skirt or a pair of shorts and including it in the photo will let you get away with the hotdog weiner look. All it will end up doing is making it look like two hot dog sausages wrapped in a colourful cloth or individually wrapped at the base.

Hot Dog legs wrapped in shorts

I’ve only shared these tips with you, my reader, to avoid any embarrassment when you post your winter-vacation-to-a-sunny-destination on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. So get out there and take your most artistic leg photos!

Do you have any other tips for avoiding hot dog legs?