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Snowy Southern Ontario road

Travel photo: A snowy Southern Ontario road

You may be wondering why this photo of a snowy Southern Ontario road looks like it’s been processed into a dreary monotone scene.

There’s a reason for that.

It was taken by me via my iPhone last winter using an app (at this point I can’t remember which one) which included some cool post-processing options. This image above is what I came up with and the mood is deliberate.

Frank and I were taking a short day trip and driving along one of the many country roads. The winter scene in front of us was devoid of the usual bright colours found in Ontario’s landscape. Instead all we saw was gray road, grayish-white snow and the neutral colours of leafless trees. The occasional dark green fir trees broke up the scene.  And so, I edited the photo to enhance the mood.

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Photo taken: Winter 2010. Exact location unknown but somewhere just north of Burlington, Ontario.