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The view from Stirling Castle - Dumyat Hill

Travel photo: a view from Stirling Castle, Scotland

During my 2012 honeymoon trip to the UK, we did a Highland Experience bus tour throughout key areas of Scotland. I took this photo of the view from Stirling Castle, Stirling during one of the brief stops of the two-day tour.

The view is of the Wallace Monument and Dumyat, a hill that my  father-in-law once climbed as a young man in the 1960s. My husband Frank and I were thrilled to be able to see it in person during our honeymoon trip. At least we could not talk about it with Dad!

The castle was the site of many famous historical events including the Wars of Scottish Independence, coronations of Scottish queens and kings, and royal deaths as well.  The nearby Stirling Bridge is famous for the battle in which William Wallace – the Scottish warrior who is featured as a hero in the film Braveheart – fought off the English. So much history is located in one area!

Dumyat is not a very big hill at only 418 metres, which makes it a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike for a hike to the top.

Standing on this spot at Stirling Castle, you see a lusciously green landscape with hints of yellow here and there. This is gorse, which is found in many areas of Scotland. Fir trees cover the smaller hills.

For those visiting for the first time, the view from Stirling Castle requires a little imagination. One can imagine what it would have looked like in during the time of William Wallace himself.  Who knows – perhaps he climbed Dumyat Hill as well.

Have you ever seen this view from Stirling Castle?


  1. Beautiful photo! My husband and I were at Stirling Castle years ago – before we had kids. Would love to go back to Ireland and Scotland now with our daughters.