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Lighthouse Day - lighthouses in Ontario

Travel Photo: Lighthouse in Kincardine, Ontario

Nestled by the shoreline and hidden somewhat by an apartment building is the old lighthouse in Kincardine, Ontario. Built in 1881, the lighthouse served as an important part of the then booming fishing and shipping industry on Lake Huron.

It’s the only lighthouse on the Bruce coastline that is set so close to the main “downtown” area.

The tower sits on the lighthouse keeper’s two-story home. In the past the lighthouse keeper would walk up the 69 steps twice daily to light and turn-off the lights.

A New Purpose: Marine Museum

It continues to be operational but is now electrically powered. The lighthouse in Kincardine, as well as light keeper’s home are now a marine museum and open to the public.

During the summer period, the lighthouse is a popular site for daily tours and a great place to watch the sunset over Lake Huron.

Take a visit during the annual Lighthouse Day, to celebrate the beauty of these historic buildings.

Photo taken June, 2015.