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mountains of glencoe

Travel Photo: Mountains of Glencoe, Scotland

I fell in love with the Scottish Highlands. Even in early spring with everything  just a bit drab in colour the mountains, valleys and overall landscape made me feel like at home. The area with the mountains of Glencoe, Scotland is one of the prettiest and most spectacular, with the West Highland Way  – a 154 km walking trail – cutting through it.

Here you can see the effects of deforestation, as the bare mountains are covered by small shrubs and grasses. Rocks litter the area. Many tours stop to view the mountains of Glencoe, as did ours with the Highland Experience two-day tour. There is a safe spot for tourists to stop their cars to take photos. If only we had more time, we could walk part of the trail to get different views. Something to put on the bucket list!

Photo taken May 2012



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  1. Hey!
    This looks amazing, I can’t imagine what it would feel like to just stand there.
    Thanks for sharing that.