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Agawa Bay

Travel Photo: Sunset at Agawa Bay

What do you do on a quiet evening at Awaga Bay campsite in Lake Superior Provincial Park? Watch the sun setting over the water… and take photos!

During my one-night stay at this campsite several years ago, the sky was semi-cloudy, creating a moody sunset with the sun playing hide-and-go-seek. Late paddlers were making their way across the scene to their campsites. You can see one in the left – a tiny black speck on the water.

The Agawa Bay campgrounds offer the best beach and sunset views on clear days. They may not be the best campsites for a quiet night as you can easily hear the big rigs and trucks on the highway close by. However, the views are worth the stay for at least one or two nights.

Photo taken in August 2006.

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Margaret Antkowski

Kristin, it’s a gorgeous spot. I’ll post a photo of the bay during the day in the near future. The water is so blue, and the beach is white sand with pebbles.