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visiting roman baths

Travel Photo: Two Ducks Visiting Roman Baths

Any old city or town in the UK has its historic sites that require at least one visit to get an understanding of the history of the country. Visiting Roman Baths in Bath Spa, UK is a must-do. It’s one of the most visited tourist attractions in the UK, transporting visitors back to the period of Roman occupation over 2,000 years ago.  The Roman Baths are fed by hot mineral springs located throughout this area.

I’ve visited two times in the past eight years and constantly find something new on display. Excavations continue several metres under street level, carefully uncovering and preserving the superior Roman technology that continues to work to this day!

This photo was taken during our most recent visit during our 2012 honeymoon in the UK. As we were the few people wandering the site, early in the morning, we were able to spot these two additional tourists, just about ready to take a dip in the Great Bath. As it was a fairly chilly day, the steam was rising off from the surface of the water.

For more information about visiting the Roman Baths in Bath Spa, UK, check out their main website. Plan for at least one hour of exploring the site and it’s museum. Enjoy a sample of the actual mineral water pumped


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