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walking in amsterdam at night

Travel Photo: Walking in Amsterdam At Night

When in Amsterdam… the nightlife calls you. A few years ago, myself, my client and our media and bartender guests were walking in Amsterdam at night, passing by lit stores and galleries as we made our way from restaurant to bar, to bar… to lounge and so on.  The proverbial bar/lounge crawl, trying out the best Amsterdam has to offer when it comes to drinks and cocktails. I can’t recall how much genever – the national alcoholic beverage of the Netherlands – the guests drank that night.

It was that good of a night, but I was only sipping a bit… after all, somebody had to keep an eye on things.

I had my camera with me, snapping photos whenever I could along the way, without losing my party. One of the things we passed was an art gallery with this interesting life-sized doll, dressed in a funky outfit. She was reclining along the window, as if she was perhaps a bit too tipsy from Amsterdam’s nightlife and taking a little rest.

Since the photo is pretty clear and not too blurry, this must have been taken before my hand got just a bit wobbly from being slightly tipsy.

Photo taken: November 2011

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  1. I hear Amsterdam is an interesting place … it’s on my list of places I’d like to go sometime.