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ShesConnected Conference 2011

Musings and learnings from the ShesConnected Conference 2011

Through my work at PraxisPR, I had the privilege of working as an advisor this year for the ShesConnected Conference 2011.

What a pleasure it was to participate during this day-and-a-half conference where 200 of the top, digitally-savvy Canadian women (mostly bloggers) had a chance to meet with others, network with several big brands, and learn from exciting panels on various topics relating to blogging.

Some of the key takeaways from this conference included:

  • No matter how big or small your blog is, you can monetize it. Know the value of your blog and of yourself as a blogger and expert in your topic.
  • It’s all about building relationships with other bloggers and with key contacts at brands – nothing happens overnight (unless you are lucky), so it’s vital to communicate on a regular basis about ideas. Some of them will come to fruition.
  • Bloggers want to be compensated for their extended time on social media campaigns. As a PR professional, I should be advising my clients as to the reality of what compensation bloggers are seeking (how to include this in brand budgets) and how to best work with them.
Some of the other tips that I learned through the conference I’ll work into this blog and hopefully next year, I’ll be counted as one of the top 200 Canadian women bloggers.
Fingers crossed!
Photo of me with blogger Wendy Kam Marcy taken by Alexa Clark (unsweetened.ca) – thank you!