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nature and outdoor hashtags

Nature and Outdoor Hashtags for Instagram

Over the past few years, Instagram has become the most-used social media app and in 2015, it’s set to be one of the hottest social networks as regular folks and brands hop on the phone photography bandwagon. This has me thinking of nature and outdoor hashtags for Instagram that are most popular.

I think what’s so appealing about Instagram is the ease of use, the simplicity of tapping the photo to “heart” it, and how just a simple photo can convey a strong message or evoke an emotion. Finding like-minded people is also easy via hashtags, some of which have become part of social media trends (e.g. #tbt or #VSCOcam).

For those who enjoy getting outside on a regular basis – whether it’s hiking, camping or canoeing – sometimes lugging around a DSLR camera is a pain. There’s been many a time when I regretted the pain of having my Nikon camera with me. I’ve been reaching for my iPhone more and more for a quick shot as the quality has improved so much. I can also edit my photo easily and share it to my social networks within a matter of minutes.

Instagram is one of the key social networks that I use for sharing of our outdoor activities such as hiking. Most photos are landscapes or close-ups of flowers, plants or other interesting natural features. You can follow me at @suburbantourist – and I follow legitimate accounts back.

However, finding the right hashtag to use can be a chore, so I’ve developed a list for you:











































Many people make up their own tags – there’s no right or wrong tag to use. Experiment with what works best with any given photo. My rule of thumb is to have at least one main, much-used hashtag and then try others that come to mind.

Nature and outdoor hashtags

For those who like to add nature quotes to their posts, I’ve also compiled a list of inspirational nature quotes.

What are your favourite nature and outdoor hashtags for Instagram? Are there any others that you use that I haven’t listed?

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Also for the outdoor/hunting people here are some other good one.
And the ever popular