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Thoughts on ShesConnected Conference 2012

The ShesConnected Conference brings together digitally savvy Canadian women with brands and PR agencies.

This year was my second time attending, with my participation this time around including being on a panel on How to Work with Bloggers Primer. It was directed towards other PR people and brands wanting to learn more about social media and how to engage bloggers effectively. Since much of my day-to-day work at PRAXIS also includes blogger relations, not to mention I’ve been learning the ups-and-downs of being a blogger as well, I had insights to share.

But enough about me, and more about the conference itself. This year there were a few changes that were very well met including:

  • More than just “Mommy” bloggers. We saw travel, fashion, technology and financial bloggers participating as well. Newbie bloggers, just starting out with a passion to learn more, were also invited to participate. Some were hobby bloggers, while others make a living off their blog.
  • Great keynote speakers –  Kate White, former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine was brilliantly funny and inspirational with great anecdotes from her life. Her “Go Big or Go Home” mantra resonated with many women in the room who are working hard to grow a successful blog.
  • The McDonalds McCafe was a genius idea – great service, comfortable chairs and some loungy jazz music. Plus the coffee is always delicious.
  • The breakout rooms for various sessions gave people opportunities to learn on topics that were of most interest to them – from how to work with brands, to how to build your online presence/brand via social media.

Margaret Bourne and Farah Balolia at ShesConnected

I enjoyed connecting with some great bloggers including Farah from Faces by Farah, Cheryl from Kids On A Plane blog and Ella from Ella Pretty.

Looking forward to next year’s conference!


  1. I saw everyone getting ready for the conference when I was checking in at the Convention Centre to climb the CN Tower on Saturday morning. Sounds like it was fun – would love to go next year!

  2. Sounds like a good conference! Is it appropriate for bloggers like me to go?