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Scents that trigger fond memories - whisky in a rocks glass.

Scents that trigger fond memories

Ever have a moment where you smell something and a nice memory pops into your mind? There are scents that trigger fond memories and make people happy – our brain records what we are sensing when we are feeling happy. I won’t go into all the scientific details but what we need to know is that the olfactory nerve (by ...

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Polish grzanki

Polish Grzanki – Delicious Snacks

There’s an art to creating a delicious, authentic Italian pizza. Nobody can dispute that. However, in a pinch, Polish grzanki will do to satisfy the craving for bread, tomato sauce, cheese and perhaps a pepperoni sausage. Grzanki (g-zhanki) are a very simple way of making a warmed up sandwich snack “po Włosku” using simple foods found at home. Like bruschetta, ...

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recipes with raspberry syrup

Three recipes with raspberry syrup

What to do with raspberry syrup? A few months ago my mom gifted me with a bottle of raspberry syrup – a fruit syrup with primarily concentrated raspberry juice that’s rich and potent in its delicious scent.  I decided to try out recipes with raspberry syrup that went beyond the typical  “compote” which anybody growing up in an Eastern European ...

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