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Hiking Boots Fall Leaves n 620x330 - Proper Hiking Boots For Women: A Must-Have On Trails

Proper Hiking Boots For Women: A Must-Have On Trails

I’ve seen this situation many times over and cringe every time I do.  A young woman, stylishly dressed in the season’s latest jeans, shorts, top etc. Instead of ankle-supporting hiking boots or at least hiking shoes with treads, on her feet are flimsy flip flops. It’s a hiking disaster waiting to happen, particularly when the trail is muddy, rocky or ...

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Crook's Hollow Trail

Crooks’ Hollow Trail in Flamborough (Greensville) – a taste of history along the way

The Hamilton, Ontario area has some great hiking trails that are free to the public and not overly used. For a nice change from the packed Halton-region conservation areas and trails, this past weekend we headed back to Flamborough, Ontario to hit the trail going the opposite way from Webster’s Falls. The Crooks’ Hollow Trail that runs along Spencer Creek ...

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Morning hikes

Why Morning Is The Best Time For Photography

A photographer friend of ours told us once that morning is the best time for photography.  He was right. We met up with him for an early morning hike at Mount Nemo Conservation Area near Milton. While the weather conditions weren’t the best with cloudy skies, passing rain showers and a brisk wind, it was nevertheless one of the better ...

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