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Armchair Travel: Amsterdam by Lyrov

This video – I Amsterdam by Lyrov (filmed and edited) is a like a love letter to the city.

Watching this video takes me back to my brief visit in the fall of 2011. It blends the old with the new – the canals (including one beautiful early morning scene with sunlight filtering through) the streets full of people walking, cycling, driving or taking public transportation. A boat cruises the historic canals. People walk past flea market stalls. Kids feed pigeons in public squares. A drive-by scene capturing the movement of a cyclist as he makes his way through the city.

Slowly, the captures of this day in Amsterdam turn to images of the night scene. Lights reflecting off the canal waters. A few people scurrying to get home or to the local bars for a pint of beer, genever or some other cocktail. At the end, a sea of parked bikes – a common scene at the end of the day when walking the streets of Amsterdam in the late evening.

Lyrov transports you to Amsterdam for a few minutes, capturing the essence of the city without going into details as to its history, culture or attractions. He lets the mood of the city speak for itself.

Sit back, watch and enjoy.

If you’ve been, what do you think of Amsterdam by Lyrov? Does he capture the beauty of the city? Could he have added any other scenes?

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