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Armchair Travel: film about northern lights

I remember seeing the northern lights only once in my lifetime. It was on a summer night when I was about eight years old, staying at a family friend’s cottage near Parry Sound, Ontario.

The only thing we saw was a faint green glow against the dark sky. Back then, there was little light interference near the Parry Sound area as it was less populated than it is now.  My parents made sure to wake my brother and me up to see this wonderful glow in the sky. After all, we were city/suburban kids which rarely saw numerous stars let alone the aurora borealis at any time in our lives.

Nevertheless, we got only a taste of what can sometimes be seen when the sun goes into a highly active period and the solar winds play on our atmosphere creating an unbelievable display of art on the dark navy sky.

Since that time I still haven’t seen the northern lights – so I’m always fascinated by films by people such as Ole C. Salomonsen who captured the lights so beautifully in this stop motion film named “Celestial Lights”.

Turn up the volume, sit back in a dark room and enjoy the light show.

Have you ever seen the northern lights?


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I saw them in Prince Edward County driving home at night many years ago. Not sure what else it could have been, but that far south?