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Armchair Travel: Inspiring nature videos

I’ve watched way too many inspiring nature videos in the past… so much so, that my travel bucket list is very long.

While I would love to see the aurora borealis in person, or head into a tropical jungle during a light rain fall to see how the plants become colour-drenched, it’s an impossible dream. Perhaps if I was a winner of a $50 million jackpot, I could retire and make these trips happen.

However, I can be an “armchair” traveler, with access to gorgeously filmed videos by explorers and landscape photography experts. It’s the least expensive way to travel!

Here’s a taste of what you can find on Vimeo – three inspiring nature videos on one of the best video-sharing websites, attracting the best of the best.


I’ve had a brief opportunity to explore the rainforest on the West Coast of British Columbia. This video shows how stunning it is in this beautiful natural landscape.

One of my favourites on the beautiful landscapes in New Zealand:

What are your favourite inspiring nature videos?


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