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Airplane Safety Videos

Funny Airplane Safety Videos

It’s inevitable… you must watch the boring airplane safety video or presentation before each flight. Since you are most likely already buckled in your seat, you are a captive audience.  The good news is that there are some airlines using humour to capture the interest of travellers. I’ve compiled a few funny airplane safety videos for you to check out.

Air New Zealand

Probably the best known for their creative use of film tie-ins, culture and overall humour, Air New Zealand is the king of hilariously funny airplane safety videos. Leveraging the popularity of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, and the well-known fact that many of the scenes were filmed in New Zealand, the airline developed its own epic safety film.

Air New Zealand also capitalized on the huge popularity of Betty White a few years ago, when she re-emerged in the spotlight as the hippest senior citizen around.


While Westjet doesn’t produce funny airline videos that show on their screens, they do have crew that grab the attention of flight guests by using humour and in some cases slapstick comedy. Such is the case of Westjet Steward Michael McAdam who cracked people up prior to their flight.

Delta Airlines

Using subtle humour, Delta Airlines provides a more amusing start to your flight than most North American airlines in this clip. The airline is making an attempt to use humor in their pre-flight videos.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways did something interesting with their airline safety video by partnering with FC Barcelona for a twist on the traditional airplane setting. A few chuckles from this one!

Thomson Airways

Not so much funny as super cute, Thomson Airways replaced adult flight stewards and passengers with little kids. The effect is super adorable and eye-catching.

What is your favourite funny airline safety video?

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