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details in Amsterdam

Close Up Details in Amsterdam

While the canals of Amsterdam certainly drew my attention during my visit last fall, there were other scenes which caught my eye. Close-up details in Amsterdam can tell a story. This is an old city with much character.

I could easily spend a few weeks giving myself a photograph challenges to enjoy. Given my short visit as a tourist, I did manage to capture many photos of details in Amsterdam that stood out – from the yellow clogs used as signage or decoration, to interesting statues and stone reliefs on walls decorating old canal homes, to small things like a discarded chess piece.

Details in Amsterdam

Always look up as you will see some pretty cool things – this bust was adorning one of the walls in the Nine Little Streets shopping area.

Details in Amsterdam

Like a gargoyle, this stone relief graced one of the buildings in the canals outside of the Centrum.

Details in Amsterdam

I loved this funky way of using decorative wooden clogs on one of the homes in the Jordaan area.

Details in Amsterdam

The wall reliefs outside of Amsterdam’s City Archives made for a perfect black and white photo.

Details in Amsterdam

The day I took this photo I was having a cat day: hearing a cat meowing in one of the buildings I passed; passing the Cat Museum and then this little fellow – a decorative cat climbing a dramatically painted building.

Details in Amsterdam

I could spend hours staring and photographing the details of the Ryjskmuseum. Here are two statues reclining against one of the windows of the museum. Looks like they need a bit of a touch-up and restoration, but still, very impressive.

details in Amsterdam

A funky, candle wax covered beer tap.

Flowers - details in Amsterdam

Small details in Amsterdam - a discarded chess piece on the sidewalk.


When you travel, do you notice details or look at the overall scene?


  1. Great photos! I love the clogs that are used as planters and the decorative cat climbing the wall!

  2. It’s on my list of places to visit someday.

  3. Your camera will get a workout. So will your feet!

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