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Dominican Republic Cookies

Dominican Republic Cookies On The Beach

In December 2009, I had the pleasure of spending 11 days in Cabarete… and where I had the pleasure of eating Dominican Republic Cookies on the beach.

Yes… a paradise as my setting and deliciousness in my mouth. After a few days of enjoying sweet Cuba Libres with Dominican rum, I enjoyed a sweet cookie.

The hotel I stayed at, Extreme Hotel, was bare bones – it was just an inexpensive, but comfortable spot to crash for the night. However, the Funky Carp Restaurant (now with a different name and owner as of 2016), located on the premises of the hotel, offered a great spot on Kite Beach to enjoy the view of kite surfers. It was also an ideal spot to watch for the locals who would wander up and down the beach, selling their wares.

Dominican Republic Cookies

Spending time on the beach enjoying the other sweet stuff – fresh Mojitos!

One of locals often walked by the Funky Carp selling Dominican Republic cookies. I had heard they were extremely sweet. Having a big sweet tooth, I was afraid of trying one knowing that I wouldn’t stop until I had gobbled up at least two or three more.

Super Sweet Dominican Republic Cookies

On my second last day, I finally broke down and bought a peanut cookie. OMG. So much sugar!

My teeth ached after just a few bites, but oh was it ever delicious! Sugar, peanuts and some sweet spices made this an interesting variation on peanut brittle.

I regret not exploring more of the cuisine in the DR when it comes to desserts. I can only imagine what they do with the sugar grown on the island, as well as all the fresh fruit that’s readily available.

If you happen to be in Cabarete at some point, head into town or hang out on the beach and enjoy one of these yummy morsels. It’s a chance to sample some of the local creations.

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